Bell Boating

Bellboating is a fun activity for all ages. The boats can fit between 8-12 people in this stable craft. The boat is constructed of two hulls where the paddlers sit connected with a platform in the middle. The boats are steered by a helm positioned at the back.

Assumed Knowledge:
None or little knowledge / experience

Equipment used:
Up to 3 Bell Boats seating 36 persons (maximum) with paddles and buoyancy aids.

Instructor Qualifications:
BCU Coach, First Aid, DBS Checked, Fully insured.

Minimum Duration:
1 hour taster lesson up to 1 day course (10am – 4pm lunch 1 hour)

Minimum Age:
8-16 Youth, 16+ Adult

Course Content:
Learn to paddle the bell boat with different paddle techniques and racing

Ability After Course:
You will have a brief Bell Boat theory, safety issues of Bell Boats, Bell Boat equipment knowledge, Paddle and boat stability understanding, trim knowledge, Paddling strokes & techniques development, Bell boat steering & manoeuvres, environmental awareness with Bell boats.

This is designed for everyone to have a go.


Dragon Boating Activity Badge

How to earn your badge

  1. Learn the safety rules, capsize drill and the water buddy system.
  2. Learn the procedures for loading, numbering off, stopping, bracing the boat, forward and backward paddling.
  3. Learn the instructions and commands issued by The Dragon Boat Racing Association.
  4. Carry out practice training sessions for a minimum of two hours. Practice a race over a distance of at least 250 metres.
  5. Take part in a competitive or timed dragon boat event over a course of at least 250 metres.

Top tips: You can use a bell boat.

Bookable on demand.

Groups please see our chart in schools and youth groups.

Scouting groups/ units Please call for prices.