At Camber Sands People have been riding waves for many years, and it is by far the biggest beach in the South East of England. We have given thousands of lessons to both young and old. For all your surfing needs, from riding your first wave to improving your technique, to advanced/elite & leading to competition level.
For all your surfing needs, from riding your first wave to improving your technique.

Course cost: £45 Youth  / £59 Adult.

Assumed Knowledge: None
Minimum Duration: 2 hours.
Minimum Age: 8-16 Youth
Course Content: All fun no theory. Get in the water and discover surfing.
Ability After Course: We aim to have you riding your first wave with technique.


We have 5 individual courses designed towards helping you become a competent surfer. All of our courses are engineered towards the National Surfing Association, and are designed towards helping you achieve a certificate if you wish to do so. You can find detailed prices of the courses below. An ideal introduction, teaching you the basics of getting in the waves safely and surfing the board.

Course 1 (Beginner)
First session: You will learn beach safety, and have an introduction to your equipment. Then you will learn paddling techniques, standing and popping up followed by board control.
Second session: You will be shown how to stand up and ride your first waves into the beach. Once you have mastered this you will be shown acceleration and stalling techniques, popping up and stance enhancing.

Course 2 (Improver)
First Session: You will start the morning off by learning surf awareness, how to turn and use forehand and backhand techniques.
Second session: You will start to develope your style and posture, and use linking turns and technique improvement.

Course 3 (Improver / Intermediate)
First Session: We will look at ‘S’ turns 2 manoeuvres combinations,techniques for paddling out and getting through waves.
Second session: Spend the afternoon doing wave selection and timing, out of depth waves and sitting on board.

Course 4 (Intermediate)
First Session: Start to ride green/unbroken waves and mastering angled take offs.
Second session: We will work on wave selection and timimg refinement and stance improvement.

Course 5 (Advanced)
First Session: You learn how to turn on a wave face, fore and backhand positioning for line up.
Second session: You will be shown how to use rip currents and use of hard boards.

One-on-one Tuition
£45 per hour
£199 per day (5 hours)